Below you find all the frequently asked questions about the Kick-In. Can't find your question? Don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail at info@kick-in.nl or by phone +31 53 4892356 during office hours.

  • As soon as you subscribe to the University of Twente (UT), you will receive a student number. You will receive this student number and an associated password in the first letter we send to you regarding the subscription for the Kick-In. These login details will only work on our website.

    You will later receive a letter containing your student number and related password from the ICT Service Desk (LISA). This password will be different but also allow you to log on to our website.

    If you lose the data of your ICT account, unfortunately we can’t help you any further here. To solve this, you need to contact the LISA helpdesk to ask for a new password.

  • The Kick-In is an orientation period for first-year bachelor, (pre-)master and exchange students to get to know your study programme, the campus and student life in Enschede. During the general programme, you will get to know the campus, the city of Enschede, as well as all sorts of sport and performing arts associations, student societies and student life in Enschede. During the faculty programme, you will meet your fellow students and receive important information about your study.

  • We strongly recommend you to take part in the study-related programme. This will guide you around the study programme, faculty and study association - information that will prove useful to you throughout your entire student career.

    If certain circumstances prevent you from being able to attend the study-related programme, you can choose to solely attend the general programme within the subscription wizard on the website.

  • That's possible! The entire Kick-In consists of two parts: the general part and the study programme specific part (the study-related programme). In the subscription wizard on the website, you can choose not to subscribe for the general Kick-In, but only for the study-related programme.

  •    When will the Kick-In take place?   (7785 hits)

    The Bachelor Kick-In of 2024 takes place from Wednesday the 21st of until Thursday the 29th of August. 


    The Master Kick-In of 2024 takes place from Saturday the 24th of August until Thursday the 29th of August. 


  • There is a different Master Kick-In programme. The Master programme looks a lot like the Bachelor programme, but has several different activities and is shorter than the Bachelor Programme. International students have the opportunity to arrange formalities such as housing and required administration.

    You'll find more information about the Master Kick-In on this page.

  • When you enrol to the Kick-In online, you can pay with iDEAL, SOFORT, CreditCard and PayPal.


  • The participation fee for the general programme of the Kick-In 2024 are 80 euros.

    During the general programme there can be extra costs bound to the Kick-In for specific activities.

    The costs for the study-related Kick-In and what you will get for this money depend on which study programme you have chosen and is determined by the study-related Kick-In committees.


  • The participation fee for the Master Kick-In in 2024 is 50 euros. 

    There might be additional costs bound to the Master Kick-In for foods and drinks. 

  • We strongly advise you to arrange housing before the start of your studies. To search for housing in Enschede or Hengelo please check utwente.nl/housing. Please be aware that neither the UT nor the organization of the Kick-In provides places to stay.

    If you have housing but not yet during the Kick-in, you could take the risk and try it within your Kick-In do-group. This group of incoming students and senior mentors that you will be assigned to on the first day will in many cases have someone who can offer you a place to stay during the Kick-In. Of course, it's a good idea to take a sleeping bag with you, and possibly a pillow. We provide a place to store your luggage on the first day until you've found a do-group.

  • The Bachelor Kick-In starts on the 21st of August and the sign-up deadline is on the 20th of August 2024. We would appreciate it if you sign up earlier. 

    The Master Kick-In starts on the 24th of August. You should sign up before the start of your Kick-In. We would appreciate it if you sign up earlier.

  • Yes! Are you having doubts about joining the Kick-In because you are disabled or because you have a chronic illness? Please contact us at +31 53 489 2356 or at info@kick-in.nl so we can take this into account. Every year, there are students with a handicap or chronic illness that have much fun joining the Kick-In, so don't let this withhold you to participate!


  • Definitely! During the Kick-In you are not just getting to know Enschede, but also your fellow students and the numerous sports, culture and student associations. Besides this, you will also be familiarised with the university and the campus.

  • Bachelor Kick-In

    The bachelor Kick-In is for national and international students who start doing a bachelor programme at the University of Twente. If you start your studies in September 2023, the Kick-In is organised for you. 

    If you switched study or just want to meet new friends, you are welcome to participate in the Kick-In too.

    Master Kick-In

    The master Kick-In is for national and international students who start doing a premaster, master or exchange programme at the University of Twente.

    If you did your bachelor at the University of Twente you can be a do-group parent during the Kick-In. This way you can get to know your fellow students and guide them trough Enschede and the University.

  •    Who organises the Kick-In?   (5640 hits)

    The Kick-In is organised by six students who spend a whole year organizing this big event. They are the Kick-In Committee of the University of Twente. More information about them is displayed here.

    During the Kick-In, a large team of volunteers perform every single small or big task to make the event a success. This is the crew. More information about the crew can be found here.

    Participants will be guided by do-group parents. They are students who enjoy participating in the Kick-In and giving new students the best experience possible!

  • You can register for the buddy programme on this website

    The Kick-In and buddy programme are easy and fun to combine.

  •    What is the Kick-In?   (5665 hits)

    The Kick-In is the official introduction period of the University of Twente. The Kick-In is the perfect opportunity to discover the university, the campus and the city of Enschede and all other aspects of your student life. You also have the opportunity to arrange all the formalities necessary for your time in the Netherlands.

  •    Where is the Kick-In?   (6265 hits)

    The Kick-In starts at the campus of the University of Twente. The adress of the University is: Drienerlolaan 5, 7522 NB Enschede. Most of the activities will take place on campus of the University of Twente, with the exception of activities in the center of Enschede.  

  • The Kick-In is the perfect start for your student life! Not only can you make friends for the rest of your student life, and who knows longer, you also get to know everything the student life in Enschede has to offer. You can take your time to find out what kinds of sports or culture activities can be done, or get to know the student societies. You can find out what suits you! When you start in class, you have the chance to already know your fellow students and already know what you want to within and besides your study. To conclude, the Kick-In is besides all essential information an unique experience.

  • The pick-up service is arranged by the University of Twente. For more information look on  https://su.utwente.nl/en/Kick-In/kick-in-pickup/!

  • If you want to be a master do-group parent during the Master Kick-In, you can apply for this via our website. You can log in and click on: 'Sign-up as master do-group parent' on the homepage to become a master do-group parent. 

  •    Am I alone in the Kick-In?   (7800 hits)

    No, on the first day you will choose a group. Two older students will guide you and your group of 8 to 15 fellow students during the Kick-In. You can ask them all your questions and the group will make the Kick-In a lot more fun. There is a big chance these people become friends for the rest of your student life!

  • It is not yet known when the do-group parent trainings will take place. 

    Be aware that you, as a head do-group parent, should also follow the do-group parent training. More information can be found on your dashboard. 

  • Yes, the Facility Market is open to all students.

  • We advise you to be in Enschede during the Kick-In, this ensures the best experience of the Kick-In. 

  • We are all concerned about drugging during the nightlife, as we want all students to feel safe while going out. There are a few points of advice we would like to share with you:

    • Never leave your drink unattended, not even for a moment.
    • Do not drink from others' glasses.
    • Do not accept drinks from strangers.
    • If your drink doesn't taste right, don't finish it.
    • Keep an eye on whether someone is behaving differently (for instance, If they appear to be more drunk than you'd expect, dizzy or slurring their words. 
    • Keep an eye out for each other: do not leave someone alone, cycle home together, or ask for a message when they are home.

    If you believe you or someone else has potentially been drugged, make sure to alert those around you and the bar staff. Also, make sure to report an incident to the police. This way, they can keep track of the number of incidents and increase awareness. It is never, ever, the fault of the victim and the report will be treated confidentially.

    Lastly, if anything goes wrong after a drugging incident, make sure to find the appropriate professional help straight away. Call the emergency number 112 or contact your general practitioner. Outside office hours, the GP can be reached by calling +31885551188 (Enschede) or +31885551155 (Hengelo). There is also a support line, "Alles oké" (0800-0450), which can be contacted by anyone between the ages of 18 and 24 that is not feeling well mentally or would just like to talk about what happened.