Practical Information

What is the Bachelor Kick-In?

The Bachelor Kick-In is the introduction period of University of Twente for bachelor students. The Bachelor Kick-In lasts for nine days and consists of two parts: the general Kick-In and the study-related Kick-In. The event will take place from Wednesday the 21st of August until Thursday the 29th of August.

Both the general Kick-In and the study-related Kick-In are highly beneficial for the rest of your studies, so make sure you are available for the entire period! Please note that the Kick-In also continues during the weekend. It is also convenient to stay in Enschede during the Kick-In.

General Kick-In

During the general Kick-In, you will participate in various activities that will give you an impression of what to expect as a student at University of Twente and the opportunities that await you. Besides making new friends, you will get to know University of Twente and become familiar with the campus and the city of Enschede. Additionally, there is the opportunity to arrange formalities such as a bike.

On the first day of the Kick-In, you will join a do-group. This is a group of approximately 8 to 12 first-year students from the same study program. Often, your do-group peers become friends for the rest of your student life! In addition to fellow students, there are also do-group parents. These are senior students who have studied at University of Twente for 1 or more years and thus know the best aspects of student life! Together with your do-group, you will participate in Kick-In activities.

Study-related Kick-In

The study-related Kick-In is primarily focused on your study programme. You will receive additional information about your study, meet your study association, have the opportunity to purchase study materials, and receive your study schedule. Your faculty will inform you about this.

What do we arrange?

The registration fee for the general Kick-In is €80. In exchange for that amount, we provide 7 days of activities! These activities can be found in the programme on the website.

During the general program, there are additional costs associated with some specific Kick-In activities, such as dinner.

The faculty will require an additional contribution for the study-related Kick-In. This contribution varies per faculty.

What do you need to arrange yourself?

To fully experience the entire Kick-In, there are a few things you need to arrange yourself:

  • Register for the Kick-In. Registrations will open on the 12th of June!
  • It is recommended to have accommodation or a place to stay in or near Enschede during the Kick-In.
  • Arrange a bike for use during the Kick-In.
  • [Optional] Obtain a UnionCard. The UnionCard is the sports and culture card at UT. With the UnionCard, you get discounts on various cool activities you can do in Enschede. You can swim, play tennis or squash, and use various music studios for free. You can also become a member of one (or more) of the many sports and culture associations we have on campus. Additionally, you could take out a subscription to the gym on campus. Click here for more information!