Commercial opportunities

The Kick-In is the University of Twente’s central introduction period. During nine days, more than 2300 upcoming students are spectacularly introduced to a new environment where they will work, study, and live. Throughout this period they will be guided by 3000 senior students. The Kick-In is organized on behalf of the University of Twente by the Kick-In Committee. 

All future students partaking in the Kick-In participate in a broadly oriented programme. They will get to know each other as well as the university, the city of Enschede, and more than a hundred associations focusing on sports, culture and student lifestyle. Some examples of potential upcoming activities are a sports day, a cultural festival, a big open-air theatre and an information market. 

Your opportunities

The Kick-In offers you a great opportunity to (inter)actively present your company to 5000 students. You can promote your company by placing a logo or ad on one of the many printings and promotional statements of the KIC. You can also directly contact students by participating in the information market with an information stand. We offer a wide range of possibilities, from active product promotion to linking your company name to a specific part of the programme.

If you are interested in the possibilities we offer, or in case you have any suggestions of your own, we are always open to discussing the options. If you have any questions regarding promotional opportunities or other forms of cooperation, please leave your details below. We will contact you as soon as possible.