Kick-In Committee 2023

The organisation of the Kick-In 2023 is in the hands of six students, who will devote this year to an incredible start to your student life.



f.l.t.r: Lieke Pardoel, Maud Snoeijink, Denise de Waard, Sjoerd de Boer, Coen Vleugel, Arda Koç


Sjoerd de Boer - Chair

Hi, my name is Sjoerd, I am 21 years old and originally from Ede in the middan of the Netherlands. In 2019, I started my studies and moved towards Enschede. After finishing my Bachelor Business Information Technology, I started looking for a new challenge. Now I am the chair of the Kick-In Committee 2023 and am responsible for the planning, policy and functioning of the committee.

Before I started my Master, there was one more thing I wanted to do; contribute to organising the Kick-In; the event in Enschede I look forward to most every year. As a kiddo I got to know my study, fellow students and student life during the Kick-In. Every year after that, I also participated in the Kick-In and really enjoyed it as a doegroepouder or doegroepoom with my faternity. This year, together with my committee members, I will do everything to make this wonderful event a success for future students as well!







Denise de Waard - Secretary

Hi! My name is Denise, I am 21 years old and I am the secretary of the Kick-In Committee of 2023. After completing my bachelor’s Business & IT it was time for a new challenge, organising the Kick-In! Since the moment I stepped foot in Enschede I considered the Kick-In an amazing event. Because of that, I immediately decided to organise a smaller introduction event in Enschede, the Ladies Introduction Days. This was a great success, so much so that I organised it again the year after. Now, it is time for the real stuff, the Kick-In!

As secretary I am responsible for everything relating communication: from sending letters to all participants to communicating with the many associations the University of Twente has to offer.

After the amazing editions of the previous years I am looking forward to welcome all new students of the UT by organising another great edition of the Kick-In, together with my fellow committee members. I am looking forward to it, I hope you are too!





Coen Vleugel - Treasurer

Hey! I’m Coen, 21 years old and I study Industrial Engineering and Management. I was born in the middle of the Netherlands, Amersfoort. Somewhere in 2019 I was ready for a new adventure and traded Amersfoort for a new life here in Enschede. During my years here I was constantly looking for things to do next to my study and eventually I came across this great new challenge, the Kick-In.

As Treasurer I am responsible for the money. The way External Affairs is responsible for making sure we receive enough money, I am responsible for how we decide to spend the money. You could describe the task of a treasurer as trying to solve a puzzle with different pieces that you can still give a colour.

The Kick-In was an amazing start to the rest of my student life. A lot of people come to Enschede without any acquaintances and that made it really easy to get to know new people. Everyone is really open and enthusiastic and they’d want to give you the world. That’s why in the subsequent years it was even more fun to help kiddo’s feel welcome and letting them and ourselves experience a wonderful time. That is why I really look forward to organising an unforgettable Kick-In next year, together with this amazing committee.



Maud Snoeijink - Publications

Hi everyone! My name is Maud Snoeijink, I am 22 years old, and I just finished my bachelor of International Business Administration. Before I start my master, I wanted to something else. That is why I chose to be the Publications of the Kick-In Committee 2023. As the publications, I am responsible for all matters relating to printing, designing and social media. In my free time, I love to play volleyball at Harambee, play games and spend time with my friends and housemates.

I have always seen the Kick-In as an amazing time and experience. As a kiddo I met a lot of new friends and made unforgettable memories. The Kick-In was a great start of my student life and I am really excited to provide the same experience to the new students of 2023. Together with the Kick-In Committee 2023 I am happy to organize the Kick-In this year.







Arda Koç - Logistics

Hi everyone! My name is Arda, I am 22 years old, and I am from Deventer. After finishing my Bachelor of Technical Computer Science last year, I was ready for a new challenge,  becoming the officer of Logistical affairs of the Kick-In Committee of 2023. As Logistics, I am responsible for making sure that all necessary materials are present during the Kick-In. Next to that, I am also responsible for ensuring that we have the right permits and exemptions that are necessary to host the Kick-In. Over the past few years, I have been involved in multiple committees at my study association, Inter-Actief. In my free time, I like to play football or volleyball and chill with my friends.

I have always experienced the Kick-In as a great period. As a kiddo, do-group parent, and crewmember, I have already had the pleasure to see the event from different perspectives. The Kick-In was an amazing start to my student life and now I will be working hard, together with my committee members, to provide the same amazing experience for all the new, upcoming students!





Lieke Pardoel - External Affairs

Hi everyone! I am Lieke, 21 years old and originally from Den Bosch. In 2019 I traded the sunny south of the Netherlands for the beautiful Enschede to start studying Technical Medicine. After three years I completed the bachelor's degree, after which it was time for something new: the Kick-In Committee.

Organising the Kick-In appealed to me, because I myself experienced an unforgettable Kick-In in my year. I am very enthusiastic and driven to pass this on to the new students next year. This year I have the position External Affairs, where I will be responsible for keeping contact with all the external companies involved in the Kick-In.

When I came to Enschede, I hardly knew anyone here. The Kick-In has changed that: I got to know a lot of people in no time. As a result, I have also found a dispuut where I feel very much at home; I still have drinks with Xoun every Wednesday. I also spend my free time at Ludica, playing the guitar or chilling with my friends.




Photo's by Jaap Eijsker