Kick-In Committee 2020

The organization of the Kick-In 2020 is in the hands of six students, who will devote this year to an incredible start of your student life. 

Kick-In Commissie 2019

f.l.t.r: Heleen Visserman, Paulien van Persijn van Meerten, Esmay Hammink, Sabine de Winter, Kelt Garritsen, Frank van Mourik. 


Sabine de Winter - President

Hey! I am Sabine and I'm 21 years old. Four years ago I exchanged my hometown Twello for the vivid Enschede and I became a kiddo. Since then the time has flown by and after obtaining my Bachelor in Biomedical Engineering I thought it was time for a new challenge. Now I'm here as chairman of the kick-In Committee 2020! I'm responsible for the planning, policy and functioning of the committee.

For me, the Kick-In a time was full of new experiences. The Kick-In showed me not only the university, but also everything that the student life has to offer. It has given me a very nice house, yearclub, dispuut and a side job. Also, the Kick-In made sure I made choices that I would otherwhise never have dared to make. Without the Kick-In, I'm sure I would nog have been where I'm now. Together with my commitee, I'm really looking forward to giving prospective students the same fun start to their student days as I had!



Esmay Hammink - Secretary

Hi, I’m Esmay, I’m 20 years old and I’m originally from Deventer. Last year I finished my bachelor Technical Medicine, this year I thought it was time for a new challenge. I wanted to concentrate on something completely different than studying. When I’m not busy with the Kick-In, I’m active in the student life of Enschede. For example, I like to have a drink with my dispuut Bastet, I live in an active student house and I go to my yearclub every Tuesday evening.

As a Kiddo, I thought the Kick-In was an amazing event, it was a fantastic time in which I built a great foundation for my student life. That is why I applied for the Kick-In Committee 2020. As secretary of the Kick-In I’m responsible for all the communication; from letters to participants to communication with all associations. In addition, I’m also responsible for various projects such as the do-group system and the website. I’m really looking forward to organizing a great Kick-In together with my fellow committee members!




Kelt Garritsen - Treasurer

Hey everyone! My name is Kelt, I’m 21 years old and it has already been more than three years since I moved from Doetinchem to Enschede to study Civil Engineering! Last year I finished my bachelor and I thought that it was time for a new challenge, to learn things that you don’t learn during your study. I am therefore very happy to be part of the Kick-In Committee 2020! As this year’s treasurer, I will be responsible for everything related to the finances of the Kick-In.

My own Kick-in brought me more than I could have hoped for. I had a wonderful time that I will never forget. It was also a perfect start to my life in Enschede; the Kiddos from my dogroup became my best friends and I also live together with three of them. Together with the rest of the committee, I hope to organise an unforgettable Kick-In!





Paulien van Persijn van Meerten  -  Publications

Hi, my name is Paulien and I am 21 years old. I study Health Sciences, but this year I will be the publications of the Kick-In Committee of 2020. During the year, I will be responsible for all the printing and design work. I started with the Kick-In committee, since I wanted to gain experience outside of my study and organizing the Kick-In seemed very cool to me. The Kick-In is the best time of the year for many students and I enjoy it every year. As publications, I am responsible for all the printing and design work during the year. In my free time I play field hockey in Dames SEZ, I go out with my friends and I love to eat sushi.







Frank van Mourik - Logistics

Hello everyone! My name is Frank van Mourik, I am 21 years old and currently a fourth year Technical Computer Science student here at the University of Twente. Before my application for the Kick-In committee, I already had been quite active within my study association Inter-Actief and as the Treasurer of Stiching Borrelbeheer Zilverling. Besides that, I organised some campus-wide activities, like the Eleven beers tour 2018. This year I have the honour to fulfill the role of Logistics within the Kick-In Committtee of 2020. This means that during this year I am in contact with all parties involved in the entire Kick-In. This ranges from arranging materials like the big tent to composing permits and making reservations. During the past four Kick-Ins, I have been a kiddo, do-group parents and transport crew of the Kick-In. In these editions, I saw numerous different sides and shades of the Kick-In, which I can hopefully use to my advantage in such a way that I can give the new freshmen the head-start the Kick-In gave me.




Heleen Visserman - External Affairs

Hi! I am Heleen, a 21 years old Technical Computer Science student at the University of Twente. This year I will fulfill the task of External Affairs at the Kick-In Committee of 2020. I will be responsible for maintaining the contact with the companies that are involved with the Kick-In. I signed up for the Kick-In Committee, as I wanted to learn what it is like to organize an event that brings together so many students at an important stage of their lives. Furthermore, I am looking forward to meeting a ton of new people through my role as External Affairs. Besides being a member of this committee I like to act in musicals, dance at my ballet association and hangout with my dispute Bagger.





Photo's by Jaap Eijsker