Kick-In Committee 2024

The organisation of the Kick-In 2024 is in the hands of six students, who will devote this year to an incredible start to your student life.


f.l.t.r: Danique Hoevers, Mila Kasteel, Lotte Weernink, Maud Kempers, Lianne Boelhouwer, Pepijn Visser


Maud Kempers - Chair

Hey! My name is Maud and I am 23 years old. I am originally from Ruurlo, a small village in the Achterhoek. In 2018, I started my Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Technology and moved to Enschede. After completing my Bachelor's in 2021, I started my Master's track Bioengineering Technologies. At the same time, I joined the study tour committee of Paradoks, with which we went to Canada and the US last year. Next to that, I like to fill my free time with my dispuut Krokipi, my housemates, and friends and this year I started playing volleyball. 

To delay graduating a little more, I am starting a new adventure this year: organising the Kick-In 2024. As chairman, I am responsible for the planning, policy and functioning of the committee. 

I myself participated in the Kick-In in 2018 and had an unforgettable time. It was my first introduction to my friends and the city of Enschede. In the years that followed, I was involved in the Kick-In as a dogroup parent or aunt and was able to pass on this experience to the new students. I hope to be able to pass on this experience to new students again this year by organising an unforgettable Kick-In together with my committee members!



Lotte Weernink - Secretary

Hello! My name is Lotte and I am 21 years old. I am originally from Tubbergen, a small village in the east of the country. In 2020 I started my Bachelor's degree in Psychology. In addition to studying, I enjoy being active within my study association, volunteering at a childcare center, and I have started taking violin lessons.

This year I will take on the position of secretary within the Kick-In Committee 2024. As secretary, I am responsible for everything related to communication: from sending letters to participants to communication with the many associations at University of Twente.

The Kick-In that I was able to experience was unfortunately very affected by the Covid-19 virus. Still, I had a lot of admiration for how the committee managed to put on a great Kick-In. This motivated me to also contribute. This year I hope to organise a Kick-In that is unforgettable for all new and the many current students of University of Twente. See you soon!





Lianne Boelhouwer - Treasurer

Hello! My name is Lianne, and I am 21 years old. I am originally from Eindhoven, but I came to Enschede for my study Technical Medicine. Meanwhile I just finished my Bachelor’s degree. In addition to studying, I enjoy being active at A.S.V Taste, and my dispuut STER, I also just started kickboxing.

This next year I will take on the position of treasurer within the Kick-In Committee 2024. As treasurer, I am responsible for making the budget, ensure budget compliance and watching the finances.

The past three years I have fully enjoyed my student life, and that’s why I really wanted to give something back! By organising the Kick-In I hope to give the new students a great start of their student lives!






Mila Kasteel - Publications

Hi! I'm Mila, a 22-year-old originally from Schalkhaar, near Deventer. In 2019, I began my academic journey with a Bachelor's in Technical Computer Science. Alongside my studies, I've been actively involved within my study association Inter-Actief, contributing to the Media, Design, and Pandora committees.

This year, I've taken on the role of Publications for Kick-In 2024. This means that I’m responsible for all things visual – from crafting eye-catching posters and banners to managing our dynamic social media presence. My own Kick-In journey has been incredible; in 2019, I experienced the Kick-In for the first time as a first-year newcomer and made lifelong friends. In 2021, I got to experience the Kick-In again as a do-group parent which allowed me to guide and support a new set of students.

So, why am I so excited about organising Kick-In 2024? It's because I believe Kick-In is the best place to forge friendships and kick-start your student life in the right way. My goal for this year is crystal clear: to elevate Kick-In's name and reputation, making it known not just in the Netherlands, but well beyond. Join me on this exciting journey, and let's make Kick-In 2024 unforgettable!



Pepijn Visser - Logistics

Hey, my name is Pepijn, 22 years old and I grew up in Arnhem. I started my student life in 2019 studying Technical Computer Science. Besides my study, I quickly became an active member of the study association Inter-Actief, organizing events such as the IBC, Rially and Pandora. I also went on an unforgettable study tour to Asia.
Next to my study association, I am part of dispuut Yorinf.

In the coming year, I'll be taking the role of Logistics. As Logisitics, I am responsible for all the materials used during the Kick-In, and making sure that we have all the permits to organise the event.

My first Kick-In was an amazing time and the friends I've made are still my best friends years later. The years after I enjoyed meeting my do-group and the new kiddo's.
My goal is to make sure that this year will be unforgettable, and to start your student life with a bang!





Danique Hoevers - External Affairs

Hello, I'm Danique Hoevers, 21 years old & born in the beautiful town of Raalte. Three years ago, after experiencing a fantastic Kick-In myself, I started studying Biomedical Engineering in Enschede. In my second year, I moved to Enschede and became active in my study association, Paradoks. Among other things, I was part of the Educational Kick-In Committee, which fuelled my interest in this amazing event.

This year, I have the privilege of serving as the Commissioner of External Relations. This means I'm responsible for maintaining contact and partnerships with all the external companies involved in the Kick-In.

For me, the Kick-In was an incredible start to my student life. Even in such a unique year, right in the midst of the pandemic, we experienced a bit of everything. Following that, I stayed involved with the Kick-In as a do-group parent and a member of an OKIC. The Kick-In is the best time to meet new people and start your studies. I'm incredibly excited to organise Kick-In 2024 for all of you!


Photos by Jaap Eijsker