Master do-group parent

Become a master do-group parent during the Kick-In 2024!

Do you want to show new master students everything the student life in Enschede has to offer? Would you like to participate in a lot of fun activities? Then we are looking for you!

Together with one other master do-group parent, you will be responsible for a group of about 10-20 participants. You will guide them during the Kick-In and show them all the opportunities there are when studying in Enschede! Being a master do-group parent is free and gives you the opportunity to enjoy the Kick-In from a new perspective!

As a master do-group parent you keep the group together, provide information about studying at the UT and take the students to the fun activities the Kick-In has to offer! You give the new students an impression of Enschede as a student city and you are there to give information about studying at the UT. As a master do-group parent you will guide a group of master students together with a fellow master do-group parent. So sign up now as a master do-group parent, alone or with your best friend!

The Winter Kick-In will take place from the 3rd up until the 10th of February 2024.

Are you interested in becoming a master do-group parent? Sign up via the link below!

Sign up as a master do-group parent now!


Being a master do-group parent during the Winter Kick-In 2024 – Extra information

On the 31st of January a briefing will take place, where all the latest information will be shared with the master do-group parents. This meeting is mandatory. If you are not present, you can not be a master do-groupparent. You can always contact us with any questions or comments via