Bachelor Kick-In

The Kick-In is the introduction time at the University of Twente. Due to the corona measures, it has been shortened this year and the Kick-In 2020 will last from Wednesday the 19th of August until Wednesday the 26th of  August. During the Kick-In you will be shown the great student life that you're about to enter. You'll meet new friends here and get to know the university, the campus, the city of Enschede and your personal study environment. The Kick-In is all about getting to know the sport-, culture- and social associations and discovering what Enschede and the University have to offer! More information about student life in Enschede can be found on this website. 

This year the programme looks different than usual, because we want to introduce everyone in a safe way to the student life of Enschede. The programme wil consist of an online basis, with physical activities where possible. For an optimal experience it is recommended that you are in Enschede during the Kick-In!

The general part of the Kick-In starts on Wednesday the 19th of August and lasts until Sunday the 23th of August. During these days fun activities are organized during which you are introduced to everything Enschede has to offer! The study-related programme wll start on Monday the 24th of August, in this programme you will learn more about your study. You can sign up for the Kick-In from the 15th of June.