Crew members

The Kick-In is not possible without the help of crew members. Do you want to experience the Kick-In like never before and show effort for the new students in Enschede? Are you interested in helping as a crew member during the biggest event in Enschede?

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Crew groups

During the Kick-In, there are various types of crew groups, each with its own focus. Together with your crew group, you will contribute to the most enjoyable event at University of Twente, fostering strong bonds among the different crew members. Below you will find a description of what the various crew groups entail, written by the crew groups themselves:


Allround Crew

When you start as a crew member, you usually first join the Allround Crew. This is the biggest group of the crew. As an allrounder, you help wherever it is needed. From building up the opening fair, splashing people wet during the Storming of the Bastille to registering the participants. You do all these tasks together with the other crew members. This makes it a lot of fun and you get to know a lot of new people. In the evening there is enough time to drink something with the rest of the crew during the many parties that the Kick-In has to offer!



Media Crew

Media Crew is a group of photo, video and social media enthusiasts all working together to capture the Kick-In in the best possible way. During the Kick-In we can be found at almost every activity, from the pool party to cultural activities and from the cantus to the city tour. Even if you are not present at one of these activities, you can still follow us via Instagram, Facebook and Flickr and read up on what you missed the following day in the Kick-In. Our goal, next from making photos, videos and social media as good as can be, is mostly to have fun and learn from each other during these nine days. Do you have a camera and want to become a better photographer or videographer or are you good with social media? Join Media and help us out! 


Care Crew

How do you ensure that 200 crew members stay motivated during the whole Kick-In? With a lot of coffee, tea and cookies of course. The Care Crew drives around during the entire kick-in to provide all the hard-working crew members with food and drinks. We drive across the campus with a golf cart full of deliciousness in search of hungry and thirsty crew members. The care crew is also busy taking care of crew members who work a little less hard. Crew members can chill outside of their shifts in the crew room in the Bastille. The care crew ensures that the refrigerators stay well-stocked here and that any requests from the crew end up on the shopping list. As Care Crew you naturally do not want to run the risk of people eating too little, so you also help distribute dinner.


Transport Crew

Hi! We are the Transport Crew of the Kick-In! During the Kick-in, you can recognize us by our white vans in which we transport all the necessary materials for the Kick-In activities. Usually, this crew group consist of six enthusiast volunteers who start early in the morning and continue until late in the evening. In the weeks before the Kick-In we also check the scenario scripts to see if there are stumbling blocks, while during the Kick-In we work hard to live up to the scenarios. During the Kick-In, it is expected that we can solve problems ad hoc, which means that creativity and logical thinking is of great importance!



Info Desk Crew

Hi there! We are the Info desk Crew, and we support the Kick-In Committee before as well as during the Kick-In. If you call or mail the Kick-In office, you will get in contact with one of us. In this manner, the committee can focus completely on the last organisational tasks. Moreover, we take care that the last preparations are done properly, so the activities will run smoothly. We will take over almost all tasks of the committee during the introduction week, so they can enjoy their event. During the Kick-In you can find us in the ‘Information’-tent, in the middle of the campus. Here we answer all questions of participants, do-group parents, organising partners and crew. So if you have any questions during the Kick-In, please come by!


Technical Crew                                   

The Technical Crew plays a crucial role during the Kick-In. We facilitate electricity, water, light and sound for all activities. You have probably seen us driving around on the Manitou or Gators. With the Gators we can, for example, distribute our electricity cables and distributors, sinks, mobile sound set or backup generators very quickly across the field. Part of the work is planned before activities take place, but many of our tasks take place during activities, where we solve unforeseen problems. This requires good communication and a lot of experience. Fortunately, this is also what makes this a fun challenge.

As a technical team, often we cannot enjoy the activities ourselves. During an activity, we are already preparing for the next activity so that electricity is available for the crew to start building up the activities, or we are phasing out the previous event. It's hard work, sometimes from seven in the morning until midnight, but it's really worth making the Kick-In happen.


Safety Crew

As the Safety Coordinators, we ensure that the safety of the event is always guaranteed, which is very important! In our golf cart we race across the terrain to check whether all activities proceed according to the planned scenario. In addition, we keep in close contact with the security of the UT, especially if we must resolve calamities. 





iDB Committee

The iDB committee is responsible for the entire ICT application of the Kick-In. This application was completely restructured in 2012 and since then 6/8 enthusiast (former) students are working on extending the system. During the Kick-In, this group is responsible for the central registration, the ticket market and the overall functional parts of the iDB system. Throughout the year, the committee comes together every Wednesday evening to work on this system, which results in more functionalities every year! Are you a programmer or are you interested in learning to program? Just drop by on a Tuesday night and maybe soon you will be working on the backbone of the Kick-In!