Travel Information

You can travel to Enschede by train, for example from Schiphol Airport. To help you get started, here are a few websites you can use. We've also developed a travel guide in collaboration with ESN, which you can find here!

If you're arriving at University of Twente by train, there are multiple ways to reach our campus:

  • From Enschede station, you can take the bus (line 1 - University) to the campus. This bus stops at various stops of the campus.
  • From Enschede Kennispark station, you can walk 15 minutes or bike 5 minutes to the campus.
  • From Hengelo station, you can take the bus (line 9 - Enschede CS) to the campus or Enschede. This bus stops at various stops of the campus.

Public Transport Card

University of Twente partners with Student Mobility to offer international students convenient access to various transportation options in the Netherlands. Through Student Mobility, you can obtain a personalized public transport card (OV-card) with exclusive discounts tailored for international students. This card can be utilized for train, tram, metro, and bus services.

In addition to the OV-card, you can also arrange a bicycle and receive your first discounted train ticket from the airport upon your arrival in the Netherlands. Sign up or place your order now, and Student Mobility will promptly provide you with information regarding pickup and delivery options.

Student Mobility Card

In the Netherlands, an OV-card is required for travelling by train, tram, metro, and bus. The Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) offers two options:

  1. An anonymous card with no discounts.
  2. A personal card, which requires a Dutch debit card and involves a purchasing process in Dutch.

Both options may not be ideal for international students. Hence, Student Mobility has introduced the "Student Mobility Card," a tailored OV-card for international students. You can acquire this card for €15 and can sign up for additional services and discounts designed for international students for a small monthly fee, including:

  • A 15% discount during off-peak hours on national railway.
  • A digital ISIC card with exclusive discounts in the Netherlands and worldwide.
  • A custom application process designed for international students.
  • Automatic top-up option to eliminate the need for manual balance top-ups.
  • Travel data and customer service accessible via the app.
  • Access to public transport bikes (OV-bike) and storage facilities.

You can reserve your card here, which includes both the public transport card and the digital ISIC card. After confirmation, the card will be dispatched to an (EU) postal address, or you can pick it up during the facility market of the Kick-In.

Pick-up Service

During the Kick-In, we offer free pick-up service for international students in collaboration with Erasmus Student Network (ESN) Twente. When you arrive at Enschede station, you will be welcomed by representatives from ESN Twente. We will join you all the way to pick up the keys of your new home at University of Twente, after which you will be dropped off just outside your doorstep. 

For the following dates, we provide pick-up service for the whole day:

  • Saturday 17th of August
  • Monday 19th of August
  • Tuesday 20th of August