I don't have a place to stay during the Kick-In. Can you arrange something for me?

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We strongly advise you to arrange housing before the start of your studies. To search for housing in Enschede or Hengelo, you can visit utwente.nl/housing, for example. The UT and the organisation of the Kick-In do not provide accommodation.

If you don't have accommodation during the Kick-In, you can take the risk of trying to arrange a place to sleep with someone from your do-group. This group will consist of some fellow students from your study programme and also a few senior students, and there are often people within it who have a spare spot to sleep during the Kick-In.

It's useful to bring a sleeping bag and possibly a pillow in this case. On the first day, a place will be made available where you can store your luggage until you join a do-group.