Pick-up service & Public Transport


Please make sure you have read the travel restrictions of the Netherlands before you plan your trip. Also, keep an eye on those travel restrictions as it is possible that they change before your departure. 


Pick-Up Service 

For travelling to Enschede, from Schiphol, we offer the free Kick-in Pick-Up Service organized by the Buddy Committee from the Student Union. 

Yhe Pick-Up Service will take place at the 29th of January and/or the 5th of February 2022 from Schiphol Airport this year. A representative from the Buddy Committee will be receiving all the students at arrival 3 exit gate, which is near the ABN Amro Exchange counter. This is right in front of point 17 on the map and easy to reach from exits. In case you want to join the Pick-Up Service, please send an e-mail to buddy@union.utwente.nl. You can sign up until the 22nd of January 2022.

More information can be found here


Can I come to Enschede by myself?

Sure, it isn't that difficult!  You can take the train to Enschede by yourself. If you want to prepare for this journey, please check the sites below.

Journey planner Dutch Railway (NS) - Use this website to plan your journey and to see how much the train ride will cost.

Route description and campus map  - On this website you can find a route description to the University of Twente and map of the campus.

When you arrive at Enschede station, you can take  bus 1 to the campus of the University of Twente. When you arrive at Hengelo station, you can take bus 9 to the campus or to the city centre of Enschede.

Please note: wearing a face mask is mandatory when you make use of public transport in the Netherlands. 


Public transport card with discount for international students

University of Twente collaborates with Student Mobility to provide international students easy access to all forms of transport in the Netherlands. With Student Mobility you are able to receive a customized public transport card with special discounts for international students! You can use this card for train, tram, metro and bus.

Besides public transport you probably also want a bike. Student Mobility will supply you with the most suitable bike. Whether you want to lease or buy, both options are available.

Student Mobility Card/OV-chipkaart

In the Netherlands you need an OV-chipkaart to travel around with the train, tram, metro and bus. There are two possibilities offered by the NS (National Railway):

  • An anonymous card without any discount
  • A personal card, where you need a Dutch debit card and the buying process is written in Dutch

Both options are not ideal for international students. That is why Student Mobility created the “Student Mobility Card”, a custom-made OV-chipkaart for international students. You get the card for €15, - and can sign-up (optional) for services and discounts created for international students for a monthly fee of €4,50:

  • 15% discount during off-peak hours on national railway (NS)
  • A digital ISIC card, with the best discounts in the Netherlands and the rest of the world
  • A customized application process for international students
  • Automatic top-up option (no more topping op of balance)
  • Travel data and customer service in the student mobility app
  • Public transport bike (OV-fiets) and storage

You can reserve a card here, which includes the public transport card + the digital ISIC card. We will send it to your European or Dutch postal address (if you want us to send in the future, let us know in the comments).

Your first train ticket in the Netherlands 

What to do when you arrive at Schiphol? Unfortunately you don’t have your OV-chipkaart yet, that is why ISIC offers you your first train ticket in the Netherlands for only €13,- (off peak hours) or €20,50 (peak hours). Specially for ISIC cardholders! With this ticket you can get on board at any station in the Netherlands and decide which station you want to go to.

ISIC members or ISIC/OV-chipkaart holder can order the following tickets:

  • Train ticket during off-peak hours for €13,- (normal price €25,15) = depart after 9 am on weekdays and the entire weekend. 
  • Train ticket during peak hours for €20,50 (normal price €25,15) = only applicable for travel before 9 am on weekdays!

Get the one-way tickets here