Study associations

Every study programme at the University of Twente has its own study association. An important role of each association is to offer study books at very low prices.

Associations are involved in several studying-related activities such as trainings, symposia, excursions to interesting companies and addressing education-related complaints. Besides study-related activities, the study associations also organize parties, drinks and evening activities/weekends for active members.

Most of the study associations are listed below:

  •    Abacus

    W.S.G. Abacus is the study association for Applied Mathematics. Abacus organizes a variety of activities, such as lectures, excursions, symposia and study trips. These activities are the ‘educational’ activities.
    Besides these educational activities Abacus also organizes activities which have less to do with math, like drinks, card playing and other game activities, gala’s and parties. Abacus also sells books which you will need as a student applied mathematics. We hope to see you soon as student applied mathematics and as member of Abacus.

  •    Alembic

    Alembic is the study association of the bachelor Scheikundige Technologie and the master Chemical Engineering at the University of Twente. The Chemotechnisch Studentengenootschap Alembic aims to support all her members with both educational and personal matters in the broadest sense. This is manifested in various forms; from book sales to commissions to excursions and conviviality, Alembic is the oldest and one of the most active allround study-association.

  •    Arago

    S.V. Arago is the study association of Applied Physics.

  •    Astatine

    S.A. Astatine is the study association of Advanced Technology and Nanotechnology. It is there to look after the interests of Advanced Technology & Nanotechnology students. Astatine is there for students with problems, complaints or questions about education related matters and sells the books you need for your study each quarter. Dozens of committees within the association organize activities throughout the year, ranging from study related (lunch lectures, workshops, excursions, symposia) to more recreational (ice skating, pubquiz, movie nights, gala).

  •    Atlantis

    S.A. Atlantis is the study association of ATLAS.

  •    Communique

    Study association Communiqué is the study association for Communication Science, a study at the University of Twente. Communiqué has a lot of committees, which organize relaxing activities like drinks and parties. The committees also organize activities which are study related like lectures, excursions and symposia. Communiqué also takes care of the booksale, has a magazine and every year a yearbook ismade.

  •    ConcepT

    ConcepT is the study association of Civil Engineering. Its main target is to look after the interests of people who are related to civil engineering. ConcepT fulfills this task by getting students acquainted with the upcoming professional field by organizing excursions, lectures and symposia.
    ConcepT also organises leisure activities, like drinks and sport activities and ConcepT ensures the quality of education. Students can order their study books via ConcepT. And you are always welcome for a cup of coffee in the “ConcepT-kamer”!

  •    Daedalus

    S.G. Daedalus is the study association of Industrial Design at the University of Twente. Daedalus was founded 8 April 2002, half a year after the study started, and is named after a famous inventor in Greek mythology.
    The association provides books for reduced prices, study-related activities and parties every now and then. You’re always welcome in the association’s room, the StudIO, for a cup of coffee or tea and a lot of fun.

  •    Dimensie

    Dimensie is thestudy association for Psychology. You can go to Dimensie for studybooks, excursions to the work field, lectures and to relax. Dimensie guards the quality of the education. Visit us to relax with your classmates to chat or for substantive activities/support during your study (Cubicus, Rubix)!


    HV Ockham is the study association of the Honours programme. The goal of Ockham is to stimulate bonding between Honours students by organising (among others) drinks, activities and study trips. Furthermore, members can become active and develop themselves in our committees. You can find our association room in the Technohal, where you can chill out on the couch or enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea. The Honours programme starts in the 3rd quartile, for more information go to our website!


    I.C.T.S.V. Inter-Actief is the study association for Computer Science and Business Information Technology. Inter-Actief has about 1400 members, and is the largest ICT study association in the Netherlands.
    You can leave your complaints and problems at Inter-Actief, and the association will try to help you with these. Inter-Actief is also the source of information about your study. Next to all study related activities, there are other events like weekly mixers and parties.


    Isaac Newton is the study association for mechanical engineering students at the University of Twente, which has around 1700 members of whom around 150 are contributing members by participating in committees. They occupy themselves with tasks like organising local and global study tours, excursions and other social activities. Our website offers information to visitors and members about the association, education and activities. Besides this, a lot of information about potential employers is available.

  •    Komma

    Komma is the student and alumni association for the Educational Science & Technology programme at the University of Twente. Our aim is to enrich the educational experience of our members, support their professional development before and after graduation, and build a strong EST community. To accomplish this, we organise stimulating events and activities for our members such as workshops, expert talks, development funds, study support projects, exciting company visits, and social evenings. As a student-run association, we also provide opportunities for members to contribute to the operations of Komma and sharpen their professional skills.

  •    Onwijs

    Onwijs is the study association for the 'lerarenopleiding' at the University of Twente.

  •    Paradoks

    Study Association Paradoks looks after the interests of students Biomedical Engineering and Technical Medicine. Membership of Paradoks offers you the opportunity to attend numerous excursions, lectures, parties, drinks and fun activities. In addition we have committees you can join and learn to plan and manage those activities. We have a meeting place in the basement of The Horst where you are more than welcome for some free coffee and a talk.

  •    S.A. Proto

    S.A. Proto is the study association for the study Creative Technology at the University of Twente. Proto is a relatively young association, it was founded on April 20th, 2011.

    As an association Proto tries to support its members, both students and university employees, on an academic and personal level. To do this, we organize a number of activities such as interesting lectures or excursions to companies. Besides those serious activities, we also organize recreational activities like a LAN-party, paintballing and BBQs.

    Proto also supports its students during their Creative Technology bachelor. Students with complaints or questions about courses or other education-related matters can come to Proto, who will try to mediate or solve these issues.

  •    Scintilla

    E.T.S.V. Scintilla, the study-association for students Electrical Engineering at the University of Twente in the Netherlands. The study-association was founded in 1965. Scintilla's main aim is to support our students during their education. There are also many nice / sporting / educational activities organized by the various committees who support Scintilla!

  •    Sirius

    Welcome to Sirius. Sirius is the study association for Public Administration, European Studies and Health Sciences. Feel free to get a free cup of coffee or tea in the Sirius office anytime!

  •    Stress

    Stress is the study association for Business Administration (BA), International Business Administration (IBA), Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM), and Business Information Technology (BIT) of the University of Twente. Stress was founded on May 21st, 1974, and is currently the largest UT (study) association.
    Stress organizes various activities to support, expand and complement all of its studies divided over five principles: Study, Meet, Practice, Develop and International. These will greatly enhance your time as a student.


    W.T.S. Ideefiks is the study association for the master program Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society (PSTS).