Sports associations

The university has a wide range of sports associations. Most practice their sport in and around the Sports Centre at campus. Doing sport at University of Twente is cheap and, even more important, a lot of fun! Look up your sport's association and visit its website to find out about the association, its training and competitions.

  •    A la Kart

    At S.K.V. A la Kart, you can race with 100 km/h over the challenging karting track in Oldenzaal and feel the adrenaline rush. A la Kart has three super-fast racing karts of our own that we maintain ourselves. For just €150 per year membership fee, you get access to the track and can participate in our exciting races and fun events. Join our community of kart enthusiasts and make new friends while improving your driving skills.

  •    Air Nomads

    The Air Nomads is an Ultimate Frisbee Association where we train and play Ultimate Frisbee. Whether you are completely new to Ultimate Frisbee or an experienced player, we at Air Nomads would love to have you play with us. We focus on building skills such as throwing and catching the disc but also look into game strategies and different ways to score points while playing a game of Ultimate Frisbee. Beside that, we also relax and chill together and spend some time outside trainings to get to know each other and do some fun activities like slacklining! If you want to play Ultimate Frisbee in Enschede, then join Air Nomads!

  •    Aloha

    Are you too hardcore for only one sport? Then join us and practice three!! We are the student triathlon association D.S.T.V. Aloha and aside of the 6+ practices a week we also offer many activities like a gala, cake baking competition, an indoor race through the UT and the New Year’s dinner. Last but not least we are proud to present: our UT-Triathlon on campus which attracts around the 1500 visitors.

  •    Arashi

    V.A.S. Arashi is a sport association for students in which Asian Martial Arts are practiced. The Martial Arts practiced Fare Judo, Jiu Jitsu, Pukulan and Taekwondo. Arashi was founded in 1964 and is located at the University of Twente.

  •    Arriba

    D.B.V. Arriba is the student basketbal association of the University of Twente. We are an active and especially a sportive association. Our association has 90 members at the moment. We have 3 gent teams, 1 ladies team and a recreational team. Within the association we organize event to get to know each other and the association.


    Hi everyone, Buitenwesten is the boxing association of the University of Twente. In our association, everyone is welcome and we have multiple options for every level. If you are searching for a new way to get that 'summer body' fit, we offer conditioning training. If you want instead to get proficient with boxing we have technical training that also includes sparing supervised by professional boxers. So what are you waiting for to sign up?

  •    Cabezota

    HV Cabezota is the handballassociation of the UT and Saxion. We have practice twice a week and you can choose to play competition. Next to that the board together with the committees organizes a lot of activities, barbecue, partying etc. Moreover, we frequently visit tournaments organized by other studentassociations across the Netherlands and sometimes abroad. All together enough reasons to join Cabezota!

  •    CalZquad

    CalZquad is a Calisthenics & HIIT association, with a unique technique of working out as a team, involving strength, endurance, stability, core, and more.
    We have a diverse group of people in CalZquad, a multicultural association where everyone has a say.
    Parties, competitions, challenges and more - so... what are you waiting for? Sign-Up today ;)



    D.S.V. de Skeuvel is the students ice-skating-club of Enschede. The main sport is ice-skating, but we also offer cycling-, speedskating-, core-stability and endurance training during the summer period. The ice-skate practices are taught in different groups so that everyone can participate at his own level. In addition to training there is the ability to participate in skating competitions. De Skeuvel is also a socially active club. There are monthly gatherings to have a drink with other skaters and several parties throughout the year.

  •    DIOK

    DIOK is THE student badminton club of Enschede. Typically of DIOK is the combination of many ways to combine playing badminton with social activities. At least once a month we have a non-badminton related activity (for example drinking cocktails, christmas dinner, going out, DIOK weekend). Also we have an association eveningon every Thursday, we have a drink together after the training and much more. Of course it is also possible to just play a game of badminton. We play from beginner level up to 4th division of the Netherlands.


    DHC Drienerlo is the hockey club for students in Enschede. An unique mix of hockey, students and beer, where you can choose yourself what you find important during your time here. Whether you’re looking for a team of like-minded individuals who appreciate beer, or rather for a team which plays hockey with fervor, DHC Drienerlo is a club where it is possible and where hockey, beer and traditions are ever as important.


    Enjoy gaming? Check out Blueshell, Twente's very own gaming an E-sports association. Whether you are a casual gamer just looking to have some fun, or someone that is looking for a real challenge by competing in national tournaments, Blueshell is the place for you. Make the best of your student time and become part of the largest gaming community in the Netherlands!

  • Power Lifting

  •    Euros Kano

    Euros kano (DKV) is a social sporting club for people who like canoeing and love to be on the water. The disciplines that we practice are: white-water kayaking, canoe polo, canoe sprint (flatwater) and canoe touring. We join tournaments and every year we go on holidays to, for example, Slovenia, Belgium or Sweden. Every Monday we have our association evening; we will eat together after training and chill at our bar.


    The D.R.V. Euros, one of the largest student sports associations in Enschede.
    Rowing is thé international sport for students, allowing you to experience the student culture not only at Euros, but in all Dutch student cities. At Euros, you can find the perfect balance between the typical student life and sports, because you can decide for yourself. Whether you train once or 8 times a week, start no or a lot of competitions or use our own gym(!) to get fit and strong, it is all possible! Every Thursday we share a drink at our own pub, the Sevende Camer, with crews, comittees and sororities and organise big events and parties. These and other big national events we organise with countless committees where our members get the chance to develop themselves.

    Experience studentlife while staying fit, Euros has the best of both worlds.

    We hope to see you during Kick-In and don't hesitate to stop by to see what Euros has to offer!


    Whether you are an experienced sailor or have never been on a sailboat before, D.Z. Euros has it all! Enjoy relaxing weekends on the Frisian lakes or compete against students from other cities at intense competitions with our fleet of no less than 16 boats! Aside from all the sailing, you can enjoy a few drinks and a culinary meal at our bar every Wednesday.

    So be sure to drop by during the Kick-In or join one of our introduction weekends!

    Follow us on Instagram for all necessary information: @d.z.euros

  •    Harambee

    Harambee is the biggest volleybalassociation from Enschede! At Harambee, we combine sport with fun, activities, tounaments and big parties! Everyone can choose to what extent he or she wants to participate in everything.
    Do you like volleyball, or have you always wanted to give it a try? Then check our website or send an email to the board.

  •    Hardboard

    DWV Hardboard is the boardsport association of Enschede. We do kite- wave- and windsurfing, as well as wake- skate and snowboarding. Both beginners and experienced boarders can join and shred all year long! We go on multiple epic trips a year, and have chilling as our unofficial seventh sport. We regularly organise activities and have a drink in the city centre every two weeks.

    Come by during the Kick-In for slacklining, balance boarding, windsurf simulator practice or chilling in the sun!

  •    Hercules

    Studenten Krachtsport Vereniging (S.K.V.) Hercules – CrossFit Twente University is the only student sport association in The Netherlands that offers CrossFit on a large scale, on a unique location (a former church!).


    The High-Tech-Hitters is a baseball club on the campus of the University of Twente. We have two teams: the recreational team and the competition team. In the competition team you play regular games against other clubs. During recreational practice, we have the most fun and you get to know baseball in a safe and trustful environment. This team is also open to more experienced players who don't want to or can't play games. In addition, with the competition team, just like the recreation team, we train twice a week with a regular coach! Feel free to send an email to our board if you would like to drop by once to train with us at the following email address: We train recreation on Mondays at 19.30-21.00 and Wednesdays at 18.30-20.00. Competition trains on Tuesdays at 18.30-20.00 and Wednesdays at 20.00-21.30.


    Klein Verzet is the cycling club of the University of Twente. KV organises training for both road cycling and mountain biking on different levels every week: from relaxed touring to competition training.
    Cycling together is much more fun than cycling alone; our members therefore regularly arrange cycling meetings through our Whatsapp groups. Furthermore, KV organises various events, from cycling holidays to non cycling events like our new year’s dinner and multiple pub meetings.

  •    Klocus

    Some things in life are inherently connected to student life, think about constitution drinks, pasta pesto, staying awake all night because you pushed your deadline and - most importantly - klonkieball. This thrilling sport, which is a favorite among students, can be played with friends, roommates and others. But what if your roommates are busy with deadlines and your friends have other plans and you still want to play klonkieball? Then you join Klocus!
    Klocus is founded to unite students from all over the university to play klonkieball while also improving their skills. We host a monthly training where you can learn all the skills that are necessary to win klonkieball. Besides that you can form a team and put those skills to use by participating in our competition and tournaments.
    In short Klocus is there for those that want to play klonkieball and meet new people or for those who already have a team and want to show the university that you are the absolute best. Do you want more info or do you have questions? Visit our website!

  •    Kronos

    D.A.V. Kronos is the oldest and most sociable student-athlete association in the Netherlands. We are an active association where you can train four times a week in different training groups. Varying from all-around training, running training, sprint training and strength training. We also go to many (student) competitions throughout the country under the full support of our mascot Kegel the hedgehog! But all those trainings make you thirsty, so we plan our monthly drinks in pub the Friends, and organise many fun activities such as skating, bowling and BBQs.
    So if you like athletics and are in for a good time, come and train with us!


    LEAP is the very first student Roundnet association of Enschede. Don’t know the sport? It is also called Spikeball and is the sport with four players around a small trampoline often played at the beach or in a park. We play twice a week and organise tournaments, training sessions and various other activities. Next to organising, we also join tournaments throughout the Netherlands to show the skills of LEAP. Do you want to try out the sport or show your skills, everybody is welcome so come and visit us during a training. More information can be found on our website!


    Linea Recta is an awesome student gymnastics association. We offer you the opportunity to train all the gymnastic disciplines like still rings and floor, but also the large trampoline and the airtumbling track. From beginners to experienced gymnasts, and freerunners as well, everyone is welcome.
    We participate in several gymnastic competitions for students and organize various activities and parties. Enough reason to come and see if Linea Recta is something for you!

  •    Ludica

    We are the student tennis association of Enschede, with 320 members. We have our own clubhouse ‘het Paviljoen’ with a bar, terrace, 6 smashcourts and 4 carpet courts. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never held a racket before or played tennis all your life. We have training sessions for every level.
    Ludica is also very active outside of the tenniscourts. We have several committees organising great activiteit. Such as evenings at our Paviljoen, drinks, external activities throughout the whole country, Davis Cup, Ludica Open tournament, the University of Twente Championships and a lot more!

  •    Messed Up

    Floorball is the summer version of ice hockey. It is one of the fastest ballgames. The game is actionpacked and both players and the ball always keep moving. Messed Up is the floorball association for both students of the University of Twente as Saxion. Besides playing our sport we also organize activities both with the teams as well as the whole association. Feel free to join us during one of our practices!


    De MotorSportGroep (MSG) is a sportsassociation centred on motorcycles. Our main activity is Trial, but we also participate in Moto Gymkhana and we organise motorcycle rides and other activities for our hundred members. We have got all the tools needed for the maintenance of our trialmotorcycles, but you can also use these tools for your own motorcycle or moped. We have a trialtraining every week, and a Moto Gymkhana training every month. You do not need any experience or a motorcycle licence, because we use our own motorcycles on our own terrain.

  •    Muurvast

  •    Phoenix

    “Lacrosse, have I’ve heard that name before?” Big chance! Lacrosse has been a big sport in Northern America for over 100 years already and is growing rapidly in Europe as well. Phoenix is one of the 16 Lacrosse association in the Netherlands and it is located right here in Enschede. Do you want to know more about the sport of lacrosse or about our association? Phoenix will be present at several Kick-In activities to don’t hesitate to drop by.

  •    Piranha

    ZPV Piranha is the watersports association on the campus of University of Twente. Piranha members are active in SCUBA-diving, rescue, waterpolo and swimming. We play and practice on different levels, ranging from recreational/beginner to semi-professional. See you!


    Always wanted to hit a bullseye in archery? Then come take a look at the student archery association S.H.B.V. Sagittarius! We are a small but fun sports association that is very accessible for both the curious beginner and the experienced archer. We also welcome international students with open arms. At Sagittarius we train twice a week in the evening after which we have a drink at the sportcafe.


    Knotsbal is the student sport! Student houses, societies and friends can all come together to play knotsbal in the internal competition or the weekly practices. A sport you must have tried at least once!


    B.S.V. de Stoottroepen is the billiards association of the University of Twente. We offer a variety of forms of billiards: billiards, snooker and pool. We would like to welcome you at one of our free nights, during non-exam weeks every two weeks on thursdaynight from 20:00 till 22:00. During the free nights there will always be a member of the board present to give a tour of our facilities. See you at our billiards hall! Room 201, Bastille.

  •    Stretchers

    At D.B.V. de Stretchers we play two different sports each practice. In total, there are about 20 sports on our schedule. A regular practice means playing matches, but we also offer technical training with an instructor every now and then. Of course we also participate in tournaments and organize other sports-related activities on a regular basis. Interested? Check our website and feel free to visit one of our practices!

  •    Tartaros

    Do you like a sportive challenge? Come and try out survivalrun!

    Survivalrun is a combination of running on unpaved roads and conquering many climbing obstacles, present on the track. A versatile sport where strenght, endurance, technique and coordination are central. Visit our website or email us for more information!


    Founded in 1982 the Slapping Studs are the oldest student ice hockey team in the Netherlands. Currently, we have over 40 members with varying skill levels and nationalities. Our association has two teams, one for advanced players and one for beginners. We believe in growth and comradery, which is why our skilled players mentor our rookies throughout the season to help them become game ready. Combine that with weekly after practice drinks and numerous parties throughout the season you'll be sure to have a great time on and off the ice.

  •    Thibats

    Thibats is the student table tennis club of Enschede. We have training groups for players from different levels. Furthermore, you can play competition against other clubs from the region. Thibats also organizes the yearly Moekotte Tournament. But what is really characteristic for our club is our social activities. After practices and matches it is custom tohave a few drinks. Thibats also organizes fun events, such as bowling, laserquest and holiday.

  •    TSAC

    The TSAC is the Twentse Student Alpine Club. Our practises include climbing, bouldering and alpinism. Throughout the year we have training and climbing evenings on our walls and when the weather is nice, weekends for outdoor climbing are organised. Can you climb or do you want to take up climbing? Come visit our open evenings in September!


    We are Twentse Thestrals, the Dutch national champions in quidditch. Quidditch is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. We combine elements from rugby, dodgeball and handball to create a new fast-paced, full contact, mixed gender sport. Due to the chaotic nature of our game – there are five balls in play – there is a heavy emphasis on tactics. Our open community welcomes players of all backgrounds, all athletic abilities and all gender identities. Come join us sometime to find out for yourself what quidditch is all about. For more information, visit our website!


    v.v. Drienerlo is the student football association of the University of Twente. As a member of v.v. Drienerlo you can play both indoor and outdoor football. Besides playing in our performance teams you can also play in the reacreational teams of v.v. Drienerlo. Football is the most important part of v.v. Drienerlo, but in addition v.v. Drienerlo also organises a lot of fun activities. If you are intersted in playing football in Enschede then join v.v. Drienerlo!

  •    Vakgericht

    Vakgericht is the student korfball association in Enschede! We participate in a weekend competition, a competition during the week and have members who join us for the practices and trainings. Besides sports related activities we also have a lot of social activities like drinks, tournaments, a new years dinner and the association weekend.