Student societies

Although Enschede is not a large city, it definitely has a vibrant student life! There are many (outdoor) cafés around the old market square that fill up on warm summer days.

In addition to the outdoor cafés, there are numerous student societies. Most of these associations are located in the Pakkerij, a large white building on Enschede’s Oude Markt. On the Campus, social life is concentrated around the Vestingbar.

Fraternities, sororities, year clubs and more... The social associations ensure lots of fun and special meetings almost every night of the week. Interested in what membership of a student society entails? Visit the societies’ websites for more information.

  •    AEGEE

    AEGEE-Enschede is the open student association in Enschede. Here you make friends for life and you can feel welcome. Every week there’s something to do in our pub Asterion or at one of our activities. We also offer the most unique and amazing adventures outside Enschede. So if you’re interested hop by our Pavilion or our pub Asterion on the ground floor of the Pakkerij!

  •    Alpha

    With over 120 members, C.S.V. Alpha is the largest Christian student association in Enschede. Our own bar, Flux, in the Pakkerij, is a place where you will feel at home right away.
    Alpha is known for its diversity and members are always open to a good conversation whilst enjoying a drink. Our members have a large variety of church backgrounds. Therefore, respect and openness are very important features of Alpha.
    In addition to religious activities such as Bible studies and Sing-Ins, there is a drink at our bar every Thursday and we occasionally have parties there as well.
    Are you looking for an amazing student life in which the Christian faith also plays a role? Then Alpha is the right choice for you! Come visit us sometime!


    DSCC/DJCR ‘Audentis et Virtutis’, or Audentis, is the oldest student society in Enschede and has made its mark on Enschede as student city. ‘Audentis et Virtutis’ means, loosely translated, ‘for the ones that are brave and have courage’. For Enschede’s student life, this means that our 450 members look for challenges and are committed to making the best of their student life. Audentis is an enterprising and leading student society that has set the standard for a vibrant student life in Enschede. This shows by having the biggest bar in ‘de Pakkerij’, our own student café ‘’t Gat in de Markt’ and our own study area ‘De Bul’.

  •    Taste

    A.S.V Taste is the largest student association in Enschede which has approximately 450 members. Our association ‘Antigoon’ is located at the centre of Enschede in the Pakkerij at the Oude Markt. For more information visit our website.