Other associations

Besides the student teams, sports, performing arts, study, world, social and business associations, there also are various other associations and foundations at the University of Twente that enrich student life in Enschede. The goals and interests of these associations and foundations vary hugely but they all have lots to offer. Check out their websites to get some information.

  • https://www.batavierenrace.nl/english

    The Batavierenerace is an annual relay race of 175km that starts at the Radboud University in Nijmegen and finishes at the UT. It is organized by a board consisting of students from both Nijmegen and Enschede. Each year, approximately 8,500 people participate in teams of 25. Making the Batavierenrace the largest student sports event in the Netherlands and the largest relay race in the world. Besides that, our afterparty on Saturday is legendary for most. Supporting the board, there are roughly 10 committees, each with its own specialty, and a team of approximately 700 volunteers who put a lot of effort into the perfection of the race. More information on volunteering, joining a committee, or becoming part of the organisational board of next year's edition is available on our website.

  •    IAPC


    IAPC is an independent, non-profit IT-shop on the campus. It's the only venture on the university entirely run by students. With our store in the Zilverling building and our webshop prices we've supplied great products to students and employees for over 20 years. IAPC has an up to date product range, which includes several awesome gadgets!
    IAPC is ideal as extra curriculary volunteer work. Join us in several committees or in a board position.

  • https://spacesocietytwente.nl/

    Space Society Twente is a student association with an ambition to reach for the stars. We aim to achieve this by means of various projects, such as the development of our satellite, UT-Cubed, our rocket, RockUT and hosting NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge.

    The two core philosophies of the Space Society Twente are that anyone can be involved in the opportunities and challenges of space engineering, and that space itself needs to become more accessible to research and industry. As such, members of our association often organize excursions to space-related companies, guest lectures, movie nights and other social activities.

  • http://www.snt.utwente.nl

    Studenten Net Twente represents its members' ICT concerns at the University of Twente. Additionally we experiment with everything server- or network-related through several committees involved in a variety of interesting and innovative projects. We also host a Helpdesk for students with internet-related problems.
    Our projects include a number of game servers, an FTP server, an IRC server and the largest Firefox download mirror of Europe, as well as providing hosting services for 100 other student associations.

  • http://www.radixenschede.nl/

    Studentenstam RADIX Enschede is a scout group for students from the University of Twente and Saxion in Enschede. Every week we gather at our own building located near the university campus. Furthermore we organize a summercamp and participate in a number of regional and/or national events. For more information, watch our video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-qRobcdPdE

  •    Sustain

    SUSTAIN is a student association that is passionate about spreading awareness, taking action and facilitating conversations about environmental and socio-economic sustainability. We do this through hosting a wide array of events such as documentary watch parties, discussions and guest lectures. Our working groups are making a meaningful impact on campus and beyond through their sustainability-related projects, including a community garden, sustainability advisory body, a vegan cookbook and many more! We also collaborate with GreenHub, the university's green office.

    We are passionate about making sustainability accessible and filling the gaps in the conversations that are ongoing worldwide through keeping intersectionality at the core of our beliefs. Our community is open and friendly, always open for a conversation and welcoming of anyone who would like to join, regardless of where they are in their sustainability journey.

    For more information, visit our website: https://sustainutwente.wixsite.com/mysite
    Or send an email to board@sustain.utwente.nl

  •    WOT


    The WOT is an association that works on simple technical solutions for developing countries. We have a workshop where we use our knowledge gained from studying at the UT to design, make and improve technology that will make a difference in countries where basic needs like clean drinking water and access to electricity are not a given. You can learn a lot of practical skills such as welding, metal- and woodworking, soldering and operating a lathe and a milling machine. These are all assets that can help you become a better engineer as well! Furthermore, we organise events like a weekly meeting, scrapheap challenge, survival weekend and the famous T-week where we try to find and extend the boundaries of our skills in useful and fun projects. Often ended with a drink around the campfire. Interested? E-mail us at wot@utwente.nl!

  • The Young European Federalists (short JEF) are a pro-European youth organization that is not affiliated with any political parties but has a clear political position. Our aim is a more democratic, federal Europe that is close to the citizens. To strive toward this goal, we organize various events, for example debates and guest lectures on campus. Everybody with any kind of opinion is welcome, because differences are the key to a good discussion.