Culture Associations

University of Twente has a wide range of culture associations. Most culture-related activities take place in the Vrijhof, the cultural centre of the campus. Does any of the associations below appeal to you? Visit the website of the association for more information!


    Looking for the elegance of a ballroom dance, the swing and romance of latin or the sensuality of salsa? 4 happy feet has it all!
    On Monday evenings we offer Salsa dancing where you will learn the Merengue, Salsa, Bachata and Rueda the Casino. On Tuesday evenings we offer Ballroom dancing, covering both the ballroom and latin dances. Just think of the Slow Waltz and the Quickstep or the Chacha and the Rumba.

  •    Arabesque

    Arabesque is a modern dance production group. Throughout the year we work on our technique and create our own dances (around a certain theme), which we show in a performance at the end of the academic year. You're always welcome to join us for a few lessons. After the summer holidays, we will host a few open lessons. Keep an eye on the website for this. Hopefully, we'll see you then!

  •    Bellettrie

    Bellettrie is a library by students, for students. If you have a UnionCard, you can sign up and rent books for free at the Bellettrie. Aside from renting books, the Bellettrie also provides a room filled with comfortable chairs and couches to sit down with a book and a cup of coffee or tea, or hang out with fellow booklovers.
    Every week the Bellettrie hosts writing evenings for aspiring writers to work on their stories, brainstorm, and motivate one another.
    The Bellettrie committee Konnichiwa organizes activities related to Japanse culture.
    You can find the Bellettrie on the ground floor of the Bastille.
    If you have a Union Card, membership is free! So feel free to stop by and take a look around, or visit our website for more information.

  •    Break-Even

    Break-Even is the Hip Hop and Breakdance association for all levels! Join us for hip hop on Wednesday and Friday nights or learn awesome breakdance moves on Monday nights. We frequently have guest workshops to expand our dance abilities. Next to our shows and training we also love to have a good time and organize activities like drinks, parties, picnics, and more. Sounds good? You can send an email to or check out our Instagram (@breakeven_utwente) if you have any questions! You can also join one of our open lessons! :) For an impression of what we do check out Joey’s Angels on our website!

  •    Chassé

    S.D.V. Chassé is a student association of about 60 members who dance every Wednesday night in the sports centre of the campus. Classes are given at different levels by a professional dance teacher. The classes consist of technique exercises, cardio and rehearsing choreographies for our performances. We also organise other activities such as monthly chassénights, drinks and workshops. Are you excited to join? Do not hesitate to contact us for a try-out class!

  •    Fanaat

    The Fanaat is the student gaming club. Visit us during the Kick-In for a relaxing boardgame or videogame. We are situated in the Bastille next to the UnionShop.

  •    InSPE

    Stichting International Student Productions Enschede (InSPE) connects culturally interested students by working together towards one big production. Singing, dancing, acting, instruments or organisation, InSPE makes it happen. InSPE does a production once every two years, so send a message for information on the upcoming project.


    Musica Silvestra Orkest is thé student symphony orchestra of the University of Twente. The orchestra plays classical music, including symphonies, ouvertures and suites. Every year two repertoires are rehearsed, which are performed on and off campus.

    Many members are active on the board or in one of its committees. They provide, for example, new repertoires, rehearsal weekends, or activities. Once every two years, the orchestra travels abroad for a concert trip. The next concert trip will be in the summer of 2023!

    Do you play a classical instrument and are you interested in joining thé student symphony orchestra of the University of Twente? Come to our open rehearsals! For more about us you can visit our website or Facebook page!

  •    NEST

    Acting, singing or dancing? With NEST you can do it all! We are the theater association of the UT and we produce musicals and music-theater shows. Besides that, we also give lessons in all the techniques you might need on stage. Not a stage animal (yet)? NEST can also offer you a lot! Are you interested in scenery building, stage makeup, costumes or in technique, you are also very welcome at our association!


    Since February 2019 we are the association for classical ballet at the University of Twente! Next to organising lessons, we also organise fun activities for our members. Do you want to know more? Keep an eye on this website or our Facebook page for updates and news about the process!

  •    Pro Deo

    Pro Deo is a group of students that does improvisation theatre. This is usually done in the form of theatre sport, in which two teams battle against each other by each improvising scenes which are graded by judges or the audience. They often ask for input from the audience as well or even embed visitors in their scenes.

    If you are interested in practising improvisation theatre, you can join the rehearsals on Thursday evenings. There are lessons for beginners, as well as advanced players. Besides these lessons, there are also shows, workshops, demos, tournaments and lots of fun activities for the members, like a camp, barbecue, game night and drinks after the lessons.


    The Student Harmonie Orkest Twente is the harmony orchestra of the University of Twente. The orchestra, known as SHOT, is a student orchestra with musicality, but also with a good atmosphere! Besides giving concerts at festivals and at the UT, SHOT goes twice a year on a rehearsal weekend. The orchestra also goes every other year on a concert tour. Countries where SHOT has been in the past are Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Finland and China.


    Stubiba is the big band association of the University of Twente and stands for “Student Big Band”. The oldest band is the Far East Jazz Orchestra and exists over 20 years. The youngest band is the UTmost Big Band and they exist from 1999. Bart Bijleveld is the leader of both bands. For rehearsal times see the website.


    Do you like singing? Maybe Musilon is something for you! We sing light music (jazz, pop, rock), both a cappella and with accompaniment. We are a choir of about 50 people and we sing various arrangements from four up to sometimes eight voice divisions. Would you like to join? Visit our website and come to our open rehearsals at the beginning of a semester in the Amphitheater in the Vrijhof on Monday evening at 19:30. No prior experience needed.

    For more information watch our video and follow us on Instagram and facebook @vocalgroupmusilon