Business Associations

University of Twente provides some associations concerning business life. Those associations vary from arranging international internships and projects to organising a business and career event. Curious what else the univeristy has to offer in this area? You can visit the website of the associations down below!


    The Bedrijvendagen is the biggest career-event at Twente University. Around March each year you can meet more than 100 companies who are recruiting students from Twente. You can get in contact with companies in various ways: walk around the career fair, lunch or dine with a company, or even go for jeep crossing. Every student can join this event. All events during the Bedrijvendagen are organized by students of Twente University.

  •    Duitenberg

    The association for financially interested students. Main goal is investing but besides we organize guestlectures, do interviews for news websites/radio/papers. We have drinks at the 23rd floor of banks in Amsterdam with inhousedays and we do a lot more.


    The Dutch Student Investment Fund (DSIF) believes that young entrepreneurs should have access to all the means necessary to turn their great ideas into real start-ups that could benefit society. DSIF is a venture capital fund managed by students from the University of Twente and Saxion University of Applied Sciences. It was established in 2016 as the first student-run European venture capital fund. DSIF invests in innovative start-ups created by bachelor and master students, PhDs and recent graduates.

  •    Hive01

  •    IAESTE

  •    Integrand

    Integrand – Companies find it more and more important that you gain work experience during your study time. Integrand is a national non-profit student organization that helps you to gain this experience! You can do an internship at a great company or you can sign up for an Inhouseday with a big multinational! We will help you with a fast forward career!


    KIVI Students Twente is part of one of the biggest networks of engineers in the Netherlands: The Royal Netherlands Society of Engineers (KIVI). KIVI Students Twente carries out the interests of students and graduates in the engineering world. We aim to bring students of various technical studies together. We do this by organizing activities that are inspiring and offer opportunities for networking. For a future engineer, a technical network is very important and useful. KIVI therefore offers a living network of no less than 23,000 engineers. Will you join us?


    The Negotiation Project Twente (NPT) is a non-profit organization connected to the University of Twente in Enschede, The Netherlands. We strive to teach valuable negotiation and communicational skills to students and organizations. We also aim to disseminate hard and soft skills to (future) professionals by bridging higher education and the business environment. Furthermore, NPT attends yearly international events in which we represent our University through global negotiation tournaments. We participate in three international events: The Negotiation Challenge (TNC), Warsaw Negotiation Round (WNR) and Global Negotiation Conference (GNC).


    UniPartners is an non-profit academic consultancy run by students.
    If you are a first-year student you have the unique opportunity to follow a UniPartners traineeship. Together with other students you will form a marketing committee in which you will work on answers to PR and acquisition problems for approximately 4 hours a week. Are you interested? Come visit us soon for an informal chat. Or visit our website.