Corona information

Here you can find information about the coronavirus related to the Kick-In 



We put the safety of our participants, crew, and external parties first. Physical activities will only take place if all measures can be met. We work closely with the University of Twente to guarantee safety for everyone, and we also follow the advice of the government and RIVM. For more information about the corona measures and the University of Twente, take a look at the following page.



The entire programme presented now is provisional! We will always adhere to the rules of the Dutch government regarding COVID-19, which might cause changes in the programme!

We offer (if possible) both physical and online activities. We recommend attending the Kick-In physical, however, in case you are not able to attend physical, you can still participate in the online activities!


Testing before Entry 

This year, several activities during the Kick-In will take place of Testing before Entry. You can find these activities in the programme on the website (there is [TvT[ in the name). To be able to take part in those activities, you have to follow the following steps: 

  1. Download the coronaCheck app or go to
  2. Upload your proof in one of those forms: 
    1. Uploading proof of vaccination (you will need a DigiD for this in the Netherlands, which takes a few days to apply for or a EU Digital COVID Certificate from your home country). More information about uploading proof of vaccination can be found here
    2. Uploading proof of recovery (in case you received a positive PRC test result from the GGD within the past 180 days, but not within the last 12 days). More information about uploading proof of recovery can be found here
    3. Uploading negative test result (make sure you made an appointment at one of the locations listed at and you got tested within 24 hours before your visit to the event). DigiD is not required. You only need a valid email adress, phone number and ID-card. Find more information here
  3. Have your QR code scanned at the entrance of the activity. In addition, bring your ID-card. Without ID-card you cannot enter the activity. 

The tickets for the events will be arranged by your do-group parents and this will happen during the Kick-In! Also, your do-group parents (which you will get to know on the first day of the Kick-In) can explain everything about Testing before Entry to you! 

More information about Testing before Entry can be found here


Basic rules

The general rules in the Netherlands can be found here



You must self-quarantine for 10 days if you travel to the Netherlands after staying in an area where the risk of coronavirus infection is very high. This quarantine requirement applies even if you have proof of vaccination or proof of recovery. If you get tested on day 5, you might be able to shorten the quarantine period. 

Please look at this website to see if you have to self-quarantine upon arrival. Please take this into account when planning your trip to the Netherlands.