Master Facility Market (old)

The Facility Market is an informative event for recently enrolled international students, and attendance is highly recommended. During the Facility Market, you will have the opportunity to encounter a Student Services Officer, Visa Officer, Housing Provider and AON Insurance Officer and ask them questions. In addition, you will have the chance to find out about the various facilities, services and associations the UT has to offer, and you’ll be able to attend some nice presentations. It will also be possible to buy or rent a bicycle. Please ensure you will be able to attend this event when planning your travel to the Netherlands.

When is the Facility Market?

The Master Facility Market during the Kick-In 2020 will take place on Monday Augustus 24th. The Facility Market will start at 10 a.m. and ends at 3 p.m.

Where is the Facility Market?

The location will be in the Vrijhof (building no. 47) in several rooms. You can use the South entrance.

What can I arrange at the Facility Market?

At the Facility Market, you will have the opportunity to speak with representatives from a number of organisations and arrange the following matters:

  • Budget Bikes Hoeve
    In the Netherlands, the bicycle is one of the most popular and convenient transportation methods. Budget Bikes Hoeve will have a selection of second-hand bikes available for sale at the Facility Market. Please bring cash with you if you’d like to buy a bike. An ATM can be found on campus next to the Coop supermarket (building Sky, no 51).
  • Swapfiets
    Swapfiets is the world's first bicycle subscription. For a fixed monthly fee you get a bike and Swapfiets makes sure it always works. Please note that you will require a Dutch bank account to subscribe for Swapfiets.
  • Student Card Collection
    Collect your UT student card (if it’s ready!) After your enrolment is finalised and you have uploaded your digital passport photo in Osiris, you will receive an email from Student Services to say that your card is ready for collection. If your card is not ready for collection at the Facility Market, you can pick it up from the Student Services Desk (Vrijhof Level 2.) Your student card can also be used as a library card.
  • AON Insurance
    Receive information about how to be insured in the Netherlands, and find out about the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) coverage in the Netherlands (EU students only.)
  • Housing
    Meet representatives from some of the housing providers in Enschede, including Camelot. Camelot provides fully furnished rooms and studio apartments, ready for you to use.
  • Student Affairs, Coaching & Counselling
    Receive information about the services SACC has to offer, for example, student counselling and financial support.
  • On-Campus Medical Services
    The UT offers general health services on campus, including emergency service, a general practitioner, dentist and physiotherapist.
  • Career Services
    Register for our online platform JobTeaser to find information about vacancies, student jobs, internships, thesis projects etc.
  • UT Language Centre
    Get information about and register for free language courses and language support, skills workshops in the Skills Lab and free writing support in the Writing Centre.
  • Library, ICT Services & Archive (LISA)
    Join the campus tour to find out about the many facilities available at the UT Library and Notebook Service Centre.
  • UnionCard
    Find out about the advantages of a Student UnionCard. The card provides you with discounts on several sport and cultural activities. You will also need it to become a member of a sport or cultural association or to join fitness activities at the UT Sports Centre.
  • International Student Identity Card (ISIC)
    The ISIC card is the only internationally accepted proof of bona fide student status. The card gives students preferential and discounted access to a number of products, services and experiences relevant to all aspects of student life. UT and ISIC have arranged a special public transport card with a discount for international students. Sign-up for your card here.
  • Buddy
    Register with the Student Union’s Buddy program. Find your Dutch Buddy or become a Buddy to an international student and build a lasting international friendship.
  • ESN Twente
    The Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is an international student organisation which aims to support and develop student exchange and facilitate the social and personal integration of students. 
  • Student World Associations
    The university has a number of student-driven world associations. Find out how to join upcoming activities.
  • Study Associations
    Join the student association for your study area.
  • Dine with the Dutch
    International students are invited to join Dutch students for dinner in Enschede. If you would like to experience Dutch culture and hospitality in this way, you can register online. This is an initiative of ChOOSE, the umbrella organisation for the Christian student associations in Enschede.

What can't be arranged at the Facility Market?

The following services will not be available at the Winter Facility Market:

  • Registration with the municipality
    In the Netherlands, it is obligatory to register with your local municipality if you’re planning to stay for more than four months. After your enrolment is finalised, you will receive an email from the UT with information about how to make an appointment with the municipality of Enschede. If you’re living in a different municipality (eg. Hengelo), you should make the appointment yourself through that municipality’s website. 
    You can only register if you have a rental contract or an official sublet agreement, so you need to find yourself housing before registering. After registering, you will receive a BSN number, which is necessary for opening a bank account, receiving a salary, visiting a doctor, getting Dutch health insurance and applying for benefits. 
  • Opening a Dutch bank account
    Visa students will receive an email from the UT with information about how to make an appointment with ABN AMRO to set up a bank account.
    EU students (non-visa) who wish to have a Dutch bank account should arrange this themselves by making an appointment with the bank of their choice. 
    In the Netherlands, the Maestro debit card is the most common method of payment. Mastercard and Visa may not be accepted at all terminals. Please note that you will require a BSN number to open a Dutch bank account.
  • Registration with a local doctor
    Please be aware that you are required by Dutch law to be registered with a general practitioner (doctor) during your stay in the Netherlands if you are staying for more than six months. Upon arrival at the UT, make sure you register online with the UT campus doctor or another local doctor. There are a variety of health services available at the UT campus.