Charity 2022 - Wageler Samen






The association ‘Wageler Samen’ is located in the Wageler; the green area between the University of Twente and the city centre, one of the ‘green lungs’ of Enschede. The joint parties make (together with the municipality of Enschede) an effort for the preservation and sustainable growth of this beautiful landscape. In the middle of the area, the Abraham Ledeboerpark is located. This park was built by the textile manufacturer’s family Lederboer at the end of the 19th century. In 1956 it was donated to the municipality and citizens of Enschede. History and nature go hand in hand at this park. Due to the several access ways, the area is within easy reach from the centre, the surrounding suburbs, and the University. Therefore, the place is perfect for many people to go hiking, picnicking, exercising, and enjoy the freedom and serenity of nature.

Wageler Samen has much to offer to the city and its residents. The seven different parties that have united are aware of the quality and the potential of the area. They make an effort for the preservation of this quality by developing reinforcing functions such as more biodiversity, circular management, local/sustainable food, and education. The distinctive scenery and nature are leading. This way, we want to preserve the power and beauty of the area, and make it even more meaningful for people, flora, and fauna. With that, we would like to contribute to a more green, sustainable, and healthy future and we hope to inspire our visitors, young and old.

In a concrete way we are doing this by, together with a large group of volunteers, organising educational activities for primary school students. The kids are brought along to amaze themselves with nature. These activities are organised by the visitor center ‘the Lammerinkswonner’. Besides that, there are several exhibitions about nature and sustainability, you can look around the vegetable and herb garden and walk along the grain pathway to observe the different crops that are cultivated in Twente.

Furthermore, we develop new projects that contribute to nature and the experience of nature. We are for instance improving the layout of the area for the biodiversity for wild bees and building a nutritional forest in which we are showing a new way of food production. During the event of the ‘Twentse Landdag’ we connect farmers and citizens and the city with farms.

The association has been working for a flourishing Wageler for over a year. And we can definitely use a lot of help!