Charity Kick-In 2017

Every year, Kick-In supports a good cause. You can also support this charity during Kick-In. The good cause of 2017 will be Stichting Opkikker!

About Stichting Opkikker

Stichting Opkikker aims to help children with illnesses and their families by providing them with an 'Opkikkerdag', a day on which everything is possible. The families need a little distraction from their daily life with visits to the hospital and hospitalizations. Stichting Opkikker provides these days to families for over 2000 times a year!

Stichting Opkikker does not receive any grants and depends fully on individual and business initiatives. This is why during the Kick-In 2017 we want to raise money for Stichting Opkikker. Together we can provide a long-term ill child and his family with an 'Opkikkerdag' that they will never forget!

More information on Stichting Opkikker can be found on