Kick-In 2020 Time to Discover! No time to waste!

Each year the Kick-In Committee takes steps towards making UTwente’s introduction week more sustainable. With big events like these, there are a lot of actions, big and small, everyone can take to make a difference.

Some of the things the Kick-In is doing to help include:

  • Reducing the amount of disposable packaging used when supplying food at our many activities, as well as minimising the left-over food at the end of them.
  • We’re constantly working to improve on waste separation, which is a common practice in the Netherlands. Putting your rubbish in the right bins (paper, plastic, organic, etc) makes it easier to recycle. Look for the right bins during the Kick-In!
  • We offer help to all participants to assist them in getting their own bikes for getting around. And when you do have a bike, every Kick-In activity is only a short distance away so you can always get there by walking or biking.
  • We look to make agreements with different companies to get special deals that benefit all of us. One idea we’re working on is using hard reusable plastic cups. 
  • We work alongside the Sustain committee who performs research into all sorts of things, from alternative sources for do-group tshirts, to app-development to reduce the need for paper posters/brochures.
  • Tap water in the Netherlands is drinkable, so all around campus you’ll see water taps available and during the Kick-In we install even more, so you can refill your bottle everywhere instead of buying disposable plastic ones.
  • We also use local products. Our beer, for example, is very local. We exclusively serve Grolsch, which is brewed right here in Enschede! Grolsch also has one of the most environmentally friendly breweries in the world.

Towards the end of the Kick-In you may also see an online survey going around, where you can give feedback on what you think could be done better next year in regards to making a more environmentally sustainable Kick-In. You can find the survey to fill in here after the Kick-In. Thank you for your help in making the Kick-In even more sustainable!

Kick-In 2020 Time to Discover! No time to waste!

Do you want to learn more about what the Kick-In does regarding sustainability? Take a look at our pamphlet or feel free to contact us!