Kick-In 2023 - No time to waste!

Looking for the Kick-Out party sustainability Lottery? Have a look here.

Each year the Kick-In Committee takes steps towards making the introduction week of the University of Twente more sustainable. With big events like these, there are a lot of actions, big and small, everyone can take to make a difference.

How we make the Kick-In more sustainable

  • We limit the use of disposable packaging during our eateries by handing out reusable plates and cutlery, and we also minimize food leftovers at the end of the activity.
  • We are constantly trying to improve our waste separation with clear waste points. Throwing your waste away in the right bin (paper, plastic, etc.) makes recycling easier! Look for the right waste bin during the Kick-In!
  • During the Kick-In we work with rPET cups and a warranty system with recycling coins. Hand in your used cup so that we can recycle it to a high standard! In this way we guarantee a (dance) floor that is not littered with plastic cups and we contribute to a world without disposable plastic.
  • Water points can be found all over the campus and during the Kick-In we put even more, so that you can always fill your bottle instead of buying a disposable bottle.
  • The Kick-In runs (almost) entirely on power from the grid and not from power supplied by diesel generators. Only in the event of unforeseen circumstances can a generator be used.

Explanation of the cup recycle system

This Kick-In we will use a recycle system for our plastic cups. Below we give a brief overview of how this system will work throughout the Kick-In.

When will you receive the Eco Coin?
You will receive an eco-coin on the first day of the Kick-In at the registration. There, crewmembers behind the registration desk will hand out the eco-coin together with the emergency phone-number card and the programme booklet.

How does handing in an Eco Coin work at the bar?
When you go to the bar to buy a drink for the first time, you will have to use your eco-coin. Important to note is that you need both a consumption coin and eco-coin to buy your first drink.

How does handing in a cup work at the bar?
Once you have handed in your eco-coin you will get a plastic cup containing your beverage back. This plastic cup now serves as your new eco-coin. Thus, once you have emptied your beverage and want to buy a new dink, you must hand in both your empty cup and a consumption coin. Only then do you get a new drink, which then serves as your new eco-coin. This cycle goes on until the end of the activity or party.

What if I lost my Eco Coin or plastic cup?
If you lose your eco-coin or plastic cup, then the next time you go to the bar to buy a drink you will have to pay 2 consumption coins. Thus, the price of replacing your eco-coin or plastic cup that you lost is 1 consumption coin. Afterwards, when you have received your drink, the plastic cup you received will be your new eco-coin. However, if you lose your cup again, you will have to pay the extra consumption coin again.

What do you do at the end of a party/want to go home?
At the end of the party it might be that you still have a plastic cup in your hand. Since the Kick-In lasts multiple days, you will need an eco-coin on the next day as well. To get back your eco-coin, you can go to the bar and hand in your plastic cup. Note: you do not have to hand in a consumption coin. Once you have handed in your plastic cup, and indicated to the bartender that you are going home and would like an eco-coin, you will get your eco-coin. This is also what you need to do if it is not the end of the party, but you want to go home earlier.

Do I throw away my final cup at the Kick-Out Party?
No! At the end of the Kick-Out Party you can hand in your empty cup for a piece of paper with a unique code that serves as a lottery ticket They can hand in as many cups as you like. You can enter this code on the Kick-In website. After the Kick-In we will give away prizes to the winners.

Besides everything we already do, we always seize the opportunity to improve. Therefore, we would love to hear your feedback! Towards the end of the Kick-In, you may see an online survey going around, where you can give feedback on what you think could be done better next year in regards to making a more environmentally sustainable Kick-In. 

More information 

Do you want to learn more about what the Kick-In does regarding sustainability? Take a look at our pamphlet or feel free to contact us!