Will you organize the Kick-In 2021?

The Kick-In Committee consists of six enthusiastic students who work a full year to organize the Winter and Summer Kick-In. As Kick-In Committee you introduce the new students to Enschede and student life. During this fun and educational board year you will be in contact with many large companies, you will have close contact with parties both inside and outside the University and you can invest in your own personal development. In addition to your position-related duties, you spend a lot of time on the program. You work together with the rest of the committee to put your own interpretation and creativity into the program.

From September, the committee works 10 weeks part-time and then 10 months full-time. This time is necessary, because you set up two events in which more than 2500 starting students participate. In addition, with nine days the Summer Kick-In is the longest introduction period in the Netherlands!
Fortunately you don't do this all by yourself. During the Summer Kick-In, the committee is assisted by a 150 crew members. This crew is indispensable and ensures that all activities run smoothly. Thanks to this crew, you as a Kick-In Committee can enjoy the nine days that you have organized. During the Kick-In, the committee is only responsible so you can participate in all activities.
Do you want to know more about the Kick-In Committee, the positions within the committee or how a year as Kick-In Committee actually looks like? Would you like to organize the Kick-In of 2021? Check the information folder or come to one of the interest activities or contact us via chairman@kick-in.nl.


Would you like to organize the coolest event in student life in Enschede? Send your motivation letter and CV to chairman@kick-in.nl.
* To be able to do the Kick-In Committee a minimum Dutch language level (B2) is required.